Safari Park

Last weekend, Adam and I took the boys to the local Safari Park. We had initially planned to take them to the pumpkin patch, but we got rained out :( Later on in the evening the rain cleared up, so we made a change of plans... and we had a BLAST.

Noah loves animals, so needless to say he was tickled.

 He was a little excited!
 He'd already spotted some animals

 Out came Jerry the giraffe!
 Sticking out his tongue
 Noah LoVeD Jerry!
 He was a little unsure about feeding him...
 But he did it!!
 He was so proud!
 Sweet Drew, just kicked back and bundled up
 He's precious!
 They are so silly

 Hugs :)
 Noah helping Daddy out through the 'Drive Park'

 He was a happy camper!
Can ya tell?!

I hadn't expected to enjoy it so much myself, but it was definitely a neat experience!

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