Jay's Warriors!

I want to take a break today from writing about food or my personal family and talk to you about a young man, age 20, who has been battling cancer for 7 years. His name is Jay Rogers and he is truly amazing.

Jay has never wavered in his faith and love for Christ, even in the midst of more struggle than most of us have ever known. Jay has touched many lives, bringing thousands together in prayer and support. 

Jay is no longer in the hospital, but back at home spending time with his loved ones as this chapter of his story comes to an end. He isn't waking up as often now, but he has been able to let those around him know that he isn't in pain. I am a firm believer that this world is merely a waiting place, there is more love, joy and happiness waiting beyond this life for Jay. His story is not ending... it has only just begun.

Jay's family has set up a Facebook page that has brought thousands of supporters together for Jay. He enjoys the kind words, the encouragement and the prayers. I am asking all of my readers to stop by and let him know that your thoughts and prayers are with him and that he has your support. Let Jay know that the readers of My Sweet Little Steiner Family are Jay's Warriors!

You can find the page here

Jay has also written a book about his journey, you can buy it here!


darlin said...

Thank you Amanda, I will visit Jay on his fb page for sure!

Heather Sanders said...

God bless you Jay and your family. I know the road through sickness is not always easiest, but blessing happen every day, like your family spending moments together , those will be with each of you forever.