Who Reads Your Blog?

So, have you ever heard of StatCounter ?


Well, hop on the bandwagon already! 
It's absolutely terrific! Especially if you are all 'nosey' like me and curious about who reads your blog. I get so excited when I see IP addresses from several different countries popping by my blog! 

StatCounter breaks down where they are from ( city & state if they live in the U.S.) what they viewed on your page and how long they lingered. So you get a great idea of what your readers like best!

It also tells you what they downloaded from your blog....and any keywords a reader typed in that redirected them to your blog.... and what your blog ranked in the search results!

Okay, if you are as blind as I am I highly doubt you can read that without clicking on it to enlarge it lol. 

Oh, and thanks Bing.com for redirecting Mr. or Ms. May 3rd to my blog with that search entry. I am truly flattered. HAHA!

Anyways, I absolutely love this site and it's FREE!

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