Party Planning!

My oldest son's birthday is coming up.... >in like 3 months ;) < and the party planning has begun! 'Round here we don't do ordinary store bought party decorations... oh no, I get my craft on. 

The hardest part this year was deciding on the theme... Oh the many themes there are to choose from. It was difficult. So I went straight to the birthday boy himself and asked him which he would like best. I was afraid he would pick some impossible, totally 'out there' theme... but he didn't and he knew exactly what he wanted, which makes my job much easier.

Before getting his input... I had a few themes in mind that I really like:

The Three Little Bears
Via lilsugar
I love love love this adorable theme... and with it being my son's 3rd birthday, I thought the number play would be fitting.

Outer Space
Via lilsugar
 My son is obsessed with anything and everything to do with space. He has been known to inform me on several different occasions that he wants... or rather needs a rocket ship.... I mean that's completely reasonable, right?! 

Vintage Train Station
Via Kara's Party Ideas
  How adorable is that set up? Noah loves trains... like every other little boy! I liked the idea of having the dining room set up like an old train station... how fun?! And the train set for food displays? Genuis!

Cookies & Milk
Via Kara's Party Ideas
  I seriously wanted to just pull every detail of this party out of my computer! What child (or adult for that matter) doesn't love milk & cookies?! This one is bound to be a hit.

But as much as I obsessed over each of these themes, my ultimate goal is to make my son happy.... Even if my top choice differs from his. Which is...

Blues Clues
One of his favorite shows.

Challenge accepted!

I plan to use our dining room as a recreation of the opening scene of the show... the house, the sky, the tree, the mailbox, hanging clouds, and clues (paw prints) everywhere!

I have many more ideas... and as not-so-thrilled as I was in the beginning over the theme choice I am now excited! And I know he will love it. 

Can't wait to see that reaction!


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