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In my last post I mentioned a couple of our home projects going on around here, as of right now our "to-do" list is pretty long. It doesn't help that I keep adding things to that list... it's all pinterest's fault, I swear! My hubby has looked at some of his to-do's and expressed concern in his 'handyman' ability... to which I have replied with encouragement... and perhaps batted my eyelashes a bit.... and threw in a few 'pretty pretty please's' :) And to show him just how much I believed in his abilities, I made a special trip to Lowe's and surprised him with some new power tools! You would have thought I had just told him he had won the lottery.... Boys and their toys...

Anyways, with all of these projects that we are trying to tackle organization has been key! I will jot down an idea and sketch out some plans but in the beginning it was all so chaotic.. So I went on the hunt for something to help keep our to do lists organized...

...and it doesn't hurt that it is completely adorable!

I found this lovely little printable (that is totally FREE) over at IHeart Organizing and she has tons more cute printables that are absolutely free! So click on the link and check them out!


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