Let me just start off by saying that this week has been quite the adventure. I am starting to get into a routine with Noah and Drew... we are slowly but surely getting our stride! Last night Drew let momma sleep for 4 hours straight... ohhh it was welcomed with open arms and shut eyes! Needless to say this past week we have had some major night time 'Momma & Drew' bonding time!

Also this week big brother Noah has been my little helper. He has done such a great job.. bless his little heart! He is still very curious/not-so-sure about Drew but he is coming around and coming to terms with the fact that little brother isn't here for a visit lol. Noah definitely isn't used to having to share my attention with anyone. Ask any family member of mine, they will all tell you that Noah has been doted on something fierce! Spoiled absolutely rotten by yours truly ;) So it has been a huge adjustment for him... but my little trooper is pulling through it!
 And how could you not just fall absolutely in love with this....

I am totally smitten♥

We are all excited to be traveling south tomorrow to the great state of Mississippi for a long weekend with my family. Oh, I can hear the lake calling my name now. Hallelujah, girlfriend needs some sun! 

Hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend!


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