Since we decided on a Dr. Seuss theme for Drew's nursery, I have been obsessed with all things Seuss.... surfing the web night and day for ideas and inspiration. I am so glad we went with this theme, there is SO much out there and I think it is the perfect way to welcome Drew home... 

I love to read to Noah... we have TONS of Dr. Seuss books... they are so much fun to read! 

I wanted to add a personal touch to Drew's nursery since I hand painted Noah's room....

We are still painting Drew's room with something on the wall... I just can't seem to leave a wall plain and simple lol! But instead of painting something on the wall with such detail, I pulled out a canvas and started on this..... ( easier for me to do right now, in this oh so pregnant condition)

It is still a work in progress... but it is coming along and is something Drew will always have... special from me to him!

Well I am off to put my little man to bed!


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Anonymous said...

I've always loved and appreciated things that were handmade, just for me and I know your boys will cherish every little thing that you made for them. I have a 42 years old that still remember the special gifts we made for him. You are creative and artistic, keep it up. They are beautiful!