My Son, the Genius!

As his mother, of course I am a bit biased... maybe I do think he's the cutest, sweetest, smartest, most precious thing in this world!! But I'm his mother, that's what I do! :)

He just turned the 'ever so curious, always into something, soaks up everything like a sponge' age of 2 back in November... and it has been quite the rollercoaster ride... to say the least!! I thought my patience had been tested before Noah hit this stage.... I didn't even know the beginning of it! And I really had no idea just how much patience I had until those terrible two's stomped their way into my life....

Tantrums? Oh, just every five minutes.... Sass? He's got it by the truckloads..... Temper? I think I've met my match.....Stubbornness? He is in no shortage of that..... And the ability to turn my frazzled nerves into a melted heart with just one smile? Oh yeah, he's got that one down pat too!

A part from all of the ups and downs, emotional mood swings, and temper tantrums... this stage has also been an exciting one! Yes, I said it... the terrible two's are not all bad. He has grown so much more during this stage... Not just in height and weight, but he has developed mentally so quickly... Leaving me completely impressed.

Now let me take this time to brag a bit.... not much just a little! ;)

My little sponge can count to 10 in English and count to 5 in Spanish. His vocabulary in Spanish is growing as well, he can now say about 5-6 words in Spanish and use them correctly in a sentence. He knows all of his shapes, not just the basic ones but also irregular shapes as well. He knows all of his colors, and not just the primary ones! And he has made great progress with his ABC's!! All at the age of 2!

Yes, my son is a genius! And as his mother, I'm allowed to think so :)

Oh and did I mention he's pretty darn handsome too?! :)



Jane said...

What a great post !!! Noah,is indeed a sponge! And so smart ,and handsome... A genius for sure...

love GG MA

Amanda said...

lol! Thank you! ....definitely a genius!! Love you too :)