Just A Few Pics...

Well, it started out as baby bump pics....but you know I had to get a few with Noah too! My usually shy 2 yr old was more than willing to hop in front of the camera... and say CHEESE!

Holding my sweet baby Drew!

Mommy & Drew once more!

20 wks.... halfway there!

Noah and Mommy :)

oh my...BIG smiles!!!.... he's precious!

kisses to my little man

I love that sweet sweet smile!

Love it....



Jane said...

Beautiful pictures !!! And Noah smiled so great for the camera !! Love it !!!!!!!!

Love GG Ma

Amanda said...

Yes he did very good! Thank you and love you too!

kymber said...

both Mother and son are beautiful! but he sure is a cutey!

Amanda said...

Thank you, I think he's awfully cute too! lol