I Love November

Yes, November is one of my favorite months and for many reasons! There are the obvious reasons such as, leaves changing, cooler weather, Thanksgiving, the Black Friday shopping deals.... and just the Holiday season in general! But in the Steiner house, we also have the celebration of the birth of our son Noah and our wedding anniversary.... and those two celebrations are just a day apart!

Noah was born November 9th, 2009 at 9:21 p.m. ( 9 seems to be his number, he was also 19 inches long!) And just a few hours later marked my husband and my 2nd wedding anniversary. We celebrated in the hospital, and it was the best anniversary gift I could have ever imagined! And it's funny because our "dating"  anniversary ( the date that marks when we actually became a couple) is May 23rd and our 2nd baby's due date is May 19th... What is up with anniversaries and due dates with us?! LOL! 

In related baby news, I have begun the countdown.... the countdown to finding out the gender of this baby! Will I be having a sweet little princess? Or is it my lot in life to be surrounded by handsome guys? Either way, I will be a happy Momma!

We officially have 51 days left before we *cross our fingers* find out if it's team pink or team blue!

Well, I am off to welcome this Monday with some household chores! Hope you all had a great weekend!



kymber said...

bahahahah - i love November too and for similar reasons. strangely enough - my birthday is November 9, also, and i love 9's! my hubby's birthday is November 16 so we are 5 years and 1 week in age difference!

cool coincidences eh?

Amanda said...

Sounds like November is a special month for your guys too!! Pretty amazing coincidences!