I Feel Good!

Ahh so thankful for a FULL day without ANY sickness whatsoever! You really don't appreciate feeling well and being able to hold down food until you've experienced awful, terrible, unrelenting morning sickness. And by the way, whose idea was is to call that horrid experience "morning sickness?" Uh I WISH I had only gotten sick in the mornings, but some people (like, for instance, ME) have to carry a bucket around everywhere they go ALL day long.... oh and make sure to keep one by the bed at night just in case! It is rather disgusting to hear women say, " Oh I only felt sick once or twice and it wasn't that bad." Ha! I couldn't be so lucky... no instead I lose weight, become dehydrated, have to be hospitalized due to dehydration (went through that with my first pregnancy), lay still all day long because any motion can set off my stomach like a ticking time bomb, have to deal with constant hunger, try to eat to help with hunger sickness, throw up because I made the mistake of eating, get headaches due to lack of food and water...... Yeah that's my "morning sickness." No big deal!

SO, as you can see, I am extremely thankful for my first full day in over a month of being free from any sickness. Ahhh what a welcome relief! And I celebrated this day by getting to eat whatever I wanted... and having the thrill of keeping it down!

Yes, today was a GOOD day! Now I am off to a great night's sleep... Thank you, Lord!


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kymber said...

i am glad to hear that the morning sickness seemed to subside...sorry i called it morning sickness!